Boy, have we got a bunch of nifty videos for you, ones that show the power of the camera on the HTC One and also the camera on Nokia Lumia 920. The folks of Anandtech did a very detailed review of the HTC One, but so did we, if you want to check out ours here. Their review focused in much detail on the camera, as shown below.



HTC One features stereo dual membrane MEMS microphones, higher bitrate H.264 capture and low light behaviour that can only be compared with the Lumia 920, but even that model is beat in front of the HTC flagship. HTC One doesn’t support 60 fps Full HD video capture, but it does 60 FPS in HD capture. HTC One also adopts the Full APQ8064 encode block capabilities of 20 Mbps H.264 high profile and it shows, so the videos look mint on the PC as well, not only the phone.

The audio capture is also respectable, with stereo 48 kHz 96.0 kbps AAC per track. The HDR video included in this article shows us clear clouds and sky and a very natural and saturated landscape. There are slight recombination artifacts visible during fast panning, but overall HDR is excellent and surely better than the one of the Xperia Z.

The optical stabilization is not on par with the one on the Lumia 920, but it’s close enough, as shown in the vids included here. It’s important to mention that both models rely on a gyro mechanism that adjusts the angle of the camera module hundreds of times per second. So, is the HTC One better than the Lumia 920? Well, at night it surely is, but at day time? Well, not so much…

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