Andrew Kim created a very interesting HTC concept phone, that you can see in the following images. Dubbed the HTC 1, this device uses an innovative design and might just be the next Android hit, in case it ever gets turned into a real phone.


The creator of the HTC 1 claims that he wants more harmony between the hardware and software on HTC phones, so he uses this philosophy when designing this unit. We’re dealing with a premium smartphone, that packs a rectangular and slim case, inspired by Leica’s cameras. The phone is made from machined brass, that’s able to keep its look over the many years of use.

Also, the handset is quite resilient and it comes with a simpler version of the Sense UI, one that focuses on full screen widgets, that provide an in-depth experience. Andrew Kim mentions that the HTC 1 uses an UV light on the front side, that kills microorganisms, making your face and hands cleaner. For more info on this project, visit the designer’s site.

[via Concept Phones]

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