The Gettie Awards are a Getjar initiative, meant to reveal the very best mobile apps on all platforms. This competition was created by Getjar, the second largest mobile app store in the world, with over 1 billion downloads and over 74.774 apps and games available.


The list of applications entering the contest included 18 nominees, in 6 categories and hundreds of entries available. Gettie’s categories are the following: best Symbian app, best Windows app, best Android app, best Java app, best BlackBerry app and best iPhone app. Lookout took home the award for best Android app, since it’s able to block any security threats on your phone and even does backup.

Also, Lookout will help you find your stolen phone, showing its location via Google Maps. Nimbuzz got the award for best Symbian app, being a software that supports free calls, IM, file and location sharing, plus more. On the BlackBerry platform, Kayak Flight and Hotel Search was considered to be the best, providing information taken from hundreds of travel sites and showing the best prices, straight on BlackBerry phones.

The award for best Java app went to WaveSecure Backup, that runs on non-smartphone devices and keeps the users’ data safe. Tap Tap Revenge 3 is the game that received the award for best iPhone app and in case you’re not familiar with it, know that it’s some sort of Rock Band or Guitar Hero with over 100 songs to play.

Opera Mini was deemed to be the best Windows Mobile app, while the “best app of the contest” title went to Layar, an augmented reality software, providing digital information on top of real life images caught by the handset’s camera.

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