HTC Rhyme is here, in its purple version that will get ladies excited. This device is meant for the feminine public and it comes with a bunch of accessories that confirm this direction. We’re dealing with a smartphone here, one that’s both elegant and useful and it comes with the latest UI from HTC, Sense 3.5.


The handset also arrives with preinstalled Dropbox and I must mention it features a non-removable battery, although in the unboxing video below I was not sure about that. After all, it was my first contact with the phone… HTC Rhyme comes inside an elegant mauve box and you’ll find in it a charging dock with an elegant surface covering it, that feels live velvet.

There’s also a headset, also colored purple and looking nice, a purple charm that looks like a dice, a charger, the usual manuals, a white pouch and the usual microUSB cable. Now that the unboxing is done, we’re getting ready to review this beauty that brings as a novelty slow motion capture in the camera section. Ready to have this as an Xmas gift for your lady?

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