Can you imagine turning an iPhone into a waterproof handset only through a simple extra protective layer? Well, that’s possible now, thanks to the superhydrophobic spray that will make your iHandset prone to floating and diving. Keep in mind that Apple denies warranty service when you bring in an iPhone that fell into water, so this is a gold mine.


Never Wet is a superhydrophobic coating that protects any gadget from any liquid and even more. You can submerge an iPhone 3G for example in liquid and for 30 minutes it will be safe, as proved in the video below. Ross Nanotechnology is behind this project and Never Wet guarantees a year of waterproof functionality at a time.

There’s also protection against ice damage, corrosion and even bacteria. Ross Nanotechnology claims that we’re one year away from the commercial debut of the product and I have to say I can’t wait to see it on the market, since it will save the lives of many innocent smartphones. Imagine that: a squirt from a spray and your phone becomes waterproof. Amazing?

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