With 2012 so close, it’s officially the season for the developers so start working on porting Android Ice Cream Sandwich to hot devices such as the Galaxy s II and the HTC Sensation. The latter has just had its Ice Cream Sandwich ROM leaked on the web, showing the world a quick look at the Android 4.0 Sense UI.

What you see here looks like the full ROM for the HTC Sensation XE, that was recently leaked to the public. When they got hold of it, the developers ported the software to the good old HTC Sensation and it looks like it’s working just great. Now we know what to expect from HTC Sense on ICS, which is… nothing new honestly speaking. XDA Developers is behind this fresh ROM and it has already become a popular software in the hours after it was published this week.

HTC Sense UI 3.5 is present here, but version 4.0 might be released by 4.0 in the final version. Since this is an early leak, the usual bugs are present, like the fact that you can’t change wallpapers, battery life is bad and a couple more problems. At least Face Unlock works, so does the new ICS font, menu and more ICS goodies. If you own a Sensation and want to try a buggy ROM with ICS, feel free to do it, but I’d wait for the official release if I were you…

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