Well, someone from Finland just contributed to the mother of all leaks, letting loose the launch dates of the Nokia Lumia 900 and Lumia 719 handsets, plus the debut time frame for Windows Phone Tango and Apollo. Of course, we advise you to take the info with the usual grain of salt…


The story goes something like this: a guy/girl in Finland told a foreign blogger about the launch dates and then they reached the entire web. Nokia Lumia 900, the device known as the bigger version of the Lumia 800 and the yet unheard of Nokia Lumia 719 will come during CES 2012 in January, the same time when Windows Phone Tango will be announced. Honestly speaking I was expecting the Lumia 900 and WP Tango to debut next month, since there were many rumors about that. But what about Lumia 719!?

This seems to be a lower end device, fitting somewhere between the 1GHz Symbian devices and Lumia 710… Windows Phone Apollo will reach manufacturers in June 2012, which is also something I’ve heard before, so this leak isn’t that big after all. Nokia is expected to announce several high end smartphones during Nokia Connection 2012, including a new cameraphone flagship. At the same time we’ll also see Nokia’s first Windows 8 tablet, also during Nokia Connection, so it will be a very interesting event.

WP Apollo will use dual core processing, NFC, larger resolution displays and probably more powerful cameras. The info comes straight from Finland, so we’ll believe it. Are you impressed at all by this “novelty”? I’m not…

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