HTC Sensation is the kind of device you instantly fall in love with, as it seems HTC have found a way to change the way you open their cases with each new device they release. That being said, I remember that the opening mechanism for the HTC HD7 is different from the one of the HTC Incredible S, which is also different from the one of the HTC Desire S, of course different from the one of the HTC Sensation.


Back to our main guest, the 4.3 inch Sensation is packed inside the box shown in these pics, an elegant one that’s also eco-friendly according to what’s written on it. OK, so moving on, inside the box we find the handset, its charger, headphones, manual and microUSB cable. Just like with the HTC Desire S, the battery doesn’t make contact because of a plastic sheet, that you have to remove in order to start the unit.

What’s really interesting is that this smartphone uses a button on its lower side to detach the outer shell and reveal the inner side that houses the battery. This shell protects all the vital components and it’s a pretty cool idea actually. Well, folks this is it and we also gave you a taste of HTC Sense 3.0 at the end of the video below, so stay tuned for more of that in the following days.

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