During the Qualcomm Uplinq conference, HP’s Jon Rubinstein confirmed that the company he’s part of intends to offer webOS to some companies. Thus, we could be seeing some “special companies” delivering webOS devices soon.

We remind you that HP bought Palm last year for over $1 billion and the results are the products announced earlier this year: the Veer and Pre 3 handsets, plus the TouchPad tablet. Rubinstein, senior VP at HP claims that he wants special companies to use webOS on their products. HP could be going the Google way with this, although there’s a long way till reaching Android’s fame, that’s for sure.

However, things must be made clear: HP won’t be licensing their OS, so the partners have to add to the platform and push it forward. So, what does it take to be a webOS unit maker? Well, for one the new company must not have a large portofolio of devices based on other platforms or it must intend to focus on webOS as the main software platform is delivers.

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