This summer will belong to whatever model wins the duel between the two new dual core superphones: HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S II. Slashgear compared these handsets using their best characteristics as arguments. More on that can be found in the Source link and in the following lines.


Taking a quick Quadrant Advanced test, we’ll see that Samsung scores 3504 points and 7119 in the CPU category. Meanwhile, the HTC device only gets 2245 in the overall and 5918 in the CPU section. Moving on to the display section, the Galaxy S II brings forth a superb Super AMOLED Plus screen with a 4.3 inch diagonal and a 800 x 480 pixel resolution, that’s surpassed by the qHD screen of the HTC Sensation and its 960 x 540 pixels.

This quality screen may drain the battery more, but it’s certainly a bonus for the HTC phone that fits more content on the screen and allows you to read text easily in the browser. If you’re interested in the design, while the Galaxy S II is thinner, at 8.49mm versus 11.3mm, the Sensation feels smaller thanks to its rounded corners.

Here’s a more detailed comparison between the two:


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