After the Nokia N9, HTC Sensation XE has landed in our office for testing purposes… This is a revamped HTC Sensation, the fruit of the purchase of Beats by Dr. Dre by HTC for 300 million dollars. It comes with a pair of nifty Beats audio earphones, with a couple of interestingly shaped ear plugs and more.


Since this is the video unboxing, you must want to know what’s in the box… Well, we have the handset with that plastic layer that holds the battery from functioning till you remove it, then the headphones, integrated into the box in a very safe way and the classic accessories: manuals, charger, microUSB cable and ear plugs for the headphones. These ones are placed inside a tiny pouch with the Beats Audio emblem all over it.

The handset has a dual core 1.5GHz processor and visible changes of design, that include red accents around the camera and red capacitive buttons below the display. In the following days I’ll try to figure out if the performance has changed and maybe if the camera of the Sensation isn’t lousy any more.

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