Although for people unfamiliar with financial terms this may not mean much, HTC has just surpassed Nokia in market capital, after passing Research in Motion not so long ago. The Taiwanese giant’s market cap has reached about $33.8 billion, superior to Nokia’s $32.84 billion and RIM’s $28.5 billion.


HTC has progressed to over 30 times its value from 5 years ago, thanks to the mobile device business, that seems to be working great. Goldman Sachs is also reporting that the brand will grow even further, due to its business model and strategy. Analyst Robert Chen expects the company to ship 200 million smartphones and 30 million slates internationally each year in the next 3 to 5 years.

Growth potential in emerging markets and a great product roadmap, plus excelent branding campaigns are the key. Hear that, Nokia?

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