Samsung has just confirmed via a tweet that the Galaxy S 2 is coming in April after all, but the rollout will be gradual, so it will reach countries according to a fixed timetable, that we know nothing about. More interesting is the fact that the device will come with a dual core 1.2GHz CPU, as Samsung boosted the original 1GHz one.


This move is strange, considering that at MWC, when the handset was announced, it was rocking a 1GHz dual core processor. Now the Exynos CPU (also known as Orion) remains the same, but it’s boosted to 1.2GHz. We’re curious if all units launched in April will get the new processing power, or some users will have to settle with the original Exynos.

Looking forward to testing the Galaxy S 2 cores against the Tegra 2 and Qualcomm Scorpion to see who comes out on top. Meanwhile, Galaxy S owners are excited about getting the Gingerbread update, at least on 3 UK…

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