Msmobiles and wmpoweruser have spotted an issue concerning the very hot HTC Touch HD 2 handset that we’ve recently detailed in this article. We took up The Register’s claims that the device will be running Android, but now it turns out they were gibberish talk and the smartphone will use Windows Mobile 6.5.


The false rumour was pretty stunning in fact, specially since HTC Touch HD’s follow-up would certainly be Windows Mobile material. Touch HD 2 is also known as HTC Leo, a device we knew as powered by WM and it would also be a branding mistake to call an Android device HD2. The Register quotes an unnamed source, so this is yet another reason not to believe their speculations.

However, this doesn’t totally dispel the existence of an Android version of HTC Touch HD 2, but not as the first unit to hit the market and not something very likely to happen.

[via msmobiles and wmpoweruser]