HTC Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro 2 were announced at Mobile World Congress 2009 a couple of weeks ago and since then, they’ve been demoed, analyzed and compared to the their predecessors. Now, it’s time to have a look at Touch Pro 2, versus the first Touch Pro, in a size comparison done by wmpoweruser.



HTC Touch Pro measures 51 x 102 x 18.05 mm, while the Pro 2 is a 59.2 x 116 x 17.25 mm device, much larger than its predecessor. Touch Pro 2 is 8.2 mm wider and 14 mm taller than the first handset and it’s even taller than HTC Kaiser (59 x 112 x 19 mm), but we must mention that Pro 2 is also the thinner device of the three, at 17.25 mm.

If you think this is big, have a look at the iPhone’s measurements: 62.1 x 115.5 x 12.3, in order to notice that size doesn’t quite matter when success is about to kick in anyway. Do you think that Touch Pro 2 is too large?

[via wmpoweruser]

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