If you’ve recovered financially after an expensive Christmas and Valentine’s Day, there’s some tech-related spending to be done, Touch Pro 2, to be more precise. The device is now available through an auction on eBay, ending on March 27th, at 11 PM EST.


We’re dealing with an unlocked HTC Touch Pro 2, with GSM support, and connecting only to non-US 3G. The highest bid is $485 right now, but I have a feeling it will go up, specially in the last day of the auction.

[via IntoMobile]

  • AC

    can someone explain what it means when you say it is connecting to non-US 3G?

  • Atonic

    3G operates in different frequencies, varying between different networks. Phones are designed to be compatible only with certain frequencies, so if you live in the US, this will work with slower internet and phone communication, but I would sit tight until July if you want the real deal (another version designed for US markets).

  • I will search there