Fresh after unveiling the HTC Sensation 4G comes news of other HTC devices that are being prepared for launch. Apparently, the Taiwanese giant has been passing some time at the trademark office, applying for no less than 7 trademarks for new devices.


The names of the future devices are: HTC Radiant, HTC Equalize, HTC Port, HTC Rift, HTC Cobalt, HTC Vivid and HTC Pro. Supposedly, the Radiant and Vivid might be units with improved screens, maybe even above AMOLED level, while the Cobalt, Rift and Equalize could be midrange units. As far as the Pro is concerned, this may well be the next flagship unit from HTC, an evolved Desire Z?

The Equalize could be a media/music phone, if we judge by the name and the Pro somehow screams QWERTY keyboard to us, don’t ask why…

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