HTC Ville is among the most interesting new devices promised for showcasing at MWC 2012. It’s supposed to be the thinnest HTC smartphone ever and bring some pretty appealing specs. Now we also have a bunch of live pics with this model, that you can see below, as well as some specs, that are reconfirmed by insiders.

Ville is supposed to be unveiled on February 26th, together with another new model, the quad core Edge. As far as HTC Ville goes, this ultrathin handset is expected to have a profile of 8.9mm and while that may not be impressive compared to Samsung’s last year Galaxy S II and its 8.5mm waist, it’s still impressive for a HTC phone. This is a midrange phone with a qHD AMOLED display, that has a 4.3 inch diagonal. There’s also a dual core 1.5 GHz processor on board, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as the OS and Sense 4.0 as the UI of choice.

The chipset that powers this device hasn’t been mentioned yet, but it’s probably the MSM8260 Snapdragon, that was used on the Sensation XE. We’re only 20 days away from the big unveiling at MWC, so I guess that more leaks will follow in the next weeks. Maybe we’ll also get a clearer glimpse of the Ville and its interface and maybe this time we’ll have a more clear video of what’s going on…

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