After all the big players from the market like Samsung, Microsoft, Google or Apple introduced health tracking apps, it looks like HTC is starting to get involved in this trend too. As we well know, in this year, a lot of manufacturers launched both battery savers apps and health & fitness apps too.


We find out that soon, HTC will buy 3 new companies, one of them being a health and care company. We also find out that the other two companies are operating in the mobility and IT enabled services sector. In the words below we’re getting to compare the rival services offered by the manufacturers remembered above.

The first one is Microsoft with its Health & Fitness service that is found on the latest Windows Phone update, more precisely on the WP 8.1. This app offers info about burned calories, the number of steps made and tracking options for sport activity. The next one is Samsung, a producer who released a similar service called S Health.

This app arrived on the Galaxy S5 flagship and it manages to offer details about burned callories, footsteps made and about the heart rate, a feature possible through the dedicated monitor rate sensor found next to the camera. In the health & fitness field is Apple too with its HealthKit app.

This one offers information about sleep time, calories burned and about the number of steps made during a day. There’s also Google, an IT giant that will bring the Google Fit service to the next version of Android operating system. It remains to see what HTC will bring on and which one of these apps will be the most useful.