One of the most criticized lacks of Windows Phone was a feature that would keep the WiFi connection active while the handset is asleep. Till now, the WiFi connection became inactive once the phone was asleep, but now there seems to have been implemented an option to take care of that.


A WiFi keep alive option was seen on the HTC 8S, as shown in the picture above. WPCentral discovered this on its review unit and it allows the handset to avoid the streaming bug, plus it lets app sync over WiFi when the device is not in use. The 8S model here is running WP8 build version 8.0.10211.204, compared to version 9903 that we saw on currently available Windows Phone 8 devices.

This could be an early release of Apollo+, or maybe a small update that will come this month to all available WP8 handsets. The next thing they would have to fix are the random reboots and maybe the fact that the battery life indicator is not always present on the screen…

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