In March we had the chance to have a look at HTC’s 2009 leaked roadmap and there was a pretty interesting Whitestone handset in there, with a wide VGA display on board, a 5 megapixel camera and global GSM/CDMA connectivity support. It was supposed to hit Verizon in September and now we have more info on the phone, as you can find out after the break.



Dutch website has uncovered a user agent profile showing that Whitestone and HTC XV6975 are one and the same. The profile mentions the 800 x 480 supported display resolution, plus no keyboard and the GCF certification shows that this device will support HSDPA connectivity.

Expect WM 6.1, or rather WM 6.5 to be on board, specially if Whitestone/XV6975 hits Verizon in September.

[via Engadget Mobile]

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