In recent days, there have been several rumors circulating that the Huawei P60 Pro was found backstage at MWC 2023 and shown to certain partners and press. Now, photos taken with the phone’s telephoto camera have begun to appear.


An official from Huawei shared a photo on social media, which you can see here. The Digital Chat Station rumor mill has stated that the Huawei P60 Pro will come with an RYYB pixel arrangement for its periscope camera. This camera was actually made popular by Huawei with the rise of the P30 Pro, and initially revolutionized the smartphone segment.

However, it was later used sparingly and did not receive technological leaps beyond 5X and 10X optical zoom. It should be noted that a normal camera sensor comes with an RGGB color setup (one red pixel, two green pixels, and one blue pixel), while RYYB replaces two green pixels with yellow ones. The RYYB matrix sensor did not appear on the Huawei P50 Pro, but Digital Chat Station claims that it will make a comeback on this year’s model, which will use a 64 MP OmniVision OMB 64B periscope for its telephoto periscope camera.

He Gang, head of Huawei Smart Devices, shared samples that you can see here. I have to admit that the level of zoom is impressive, especially the clarity of the photos at advanced zoom, but it doesn’t seem better than what the Galaxy S22 Ultra or S23 Ultra offer. Additionally, I learned that the main camera here will also have a variable aperture from the Mate 50 Pro, starting at F/1.4.

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