Yesterday Huawei decided to reveal another product, this time a software one. We’re talking about the Lite OS, an operating system special designed for those devices that are included in the Internet of things range. In the future we’ll see Lite OS on devices like cars, smarwatches and even electric toothbrushes.


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William XU, Huawei’s Marketing Chief said that by 2025 is expected that the number of Internet of things devices to pass the 100 billion range. As you might know, these devices are characterized by the fact that they are using an Internet connection in order to connect with each other and to share information.

According to William Xu, even the electric toothbrush could become in the future a device that will offer records of how often and how effectively we’re brushing our teeth, and how we can do this action work better for our health, just like a smart band does while monitoring our sleep.

From what we found out, Lite OS is just 10 Kb in size. In the same time, Huawei said that Lite OS isn’t an attempt to take on Android or iOS, but a way to offer a solution for powering a high range of devices. What do you think about this Huawei product?


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