We’re merely hours away from the big MWC 2015 opening and obviously leaks from Barcelona are happening right now. Among them we find two Huawei panels, revealing a brand new product simply called Huawei Watch.


There’s even a motto for the product, “Timeless Design. Smart Within” and the picture of a man dressed smartly. We previously knew that Huawei was bringing to MWC 2015 three wearables, including a new TalkBand B unit, the TalkBand B2 most likely. From what we can see the Huawei Watch smartwatch is an elegant model, that may feature a metal body and maybe even a metal band.

We can tell this unit runs Android Wear, judging by the second image, but the UI looks slightly customized. It’s certainly not your average fitness tracker, but rather a full smartwatch. If the price is good, this is one solid buy, especially thanks to the premium look. I wonder what the third smartwatch will be like…


via androidcentral.com