i-mate launched Go today, a new UI for its handsets that takes advantage of the high res touchscreen’s capacity and offers touch access to all of the phones’ functions. Also, we got word that Windows Mobile 6.1 has just reached the i-mate Ultimate devices, among which the 9502 and 8502 models.


WM 6.1 will also hit Ultimate 8150 and Ultimate 6150 pretty soon, but back to the Go interface, it’ll support tapping or sliding your finger across the screen, as you navigate through WM tools. You’ll even customize your own interface, by adding icons to it in order to ease the access to some functions later on.

i-mate Go is available for free download at www.imate.com for devices like Ultimate 9502, Ultimate 8502, Ultimate 8150, Ultimate 6150 and JAMA 101. The new UI is powered by VITO Winterface.

[via i-mate]

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