The folks of Mobilecrunch have heard there’s a PSP Phone coming and they went to their most trusted tipster in the attempt to get solid info on the device. The inside source claims that the device is real and that the screen on it is “mind-blowing” and on par with the iPhone 4 Retina Display. More details are revealed in the following lines.


Apparently, Sony’s Bravia technology was involved in making this console-phone. Sadly, the PSP Phone won’t ship in time for Christmas, as the device is not yet completed and more work needs to be done. Unofficially, the handset will debut in February, but expect it to be postponed once or twice.

The insider mentions a price somewhere around $500 for the gadget, with the purchase including 5 free games. It’s not yet clear whether or not this device is able to run downloaded PSP games and we have good news for mobile gamers: titles will be priced around $10, not $40 like ordinary PSP games. Info goes on with the Z-System, a name that’s been heard more than once in relation with the PlayStation Phone.

It seems that this is both the gaming platform on board of the handset and distribution service for content, apps and games on the device. We wonder how this will get along with the Android Market… The same source mentioned that SE is also preparing follow-ups to the XPERIA X8 and X10, with the latter probably being the Anzu, that’s supposed to feature BRAVIA branding.

Does the PSP Phone look promising or what?

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