2012 is supposed to be a big year for Intel, that intends to compete with ARM in the mobile segment. We already saw some Intel CPU-based devices made by Lenovo and shown at CES 2012. They aim both at tablets and smartphones and Windows 8 will certainly take advantage of the Medfield and co processors. This time, it appears that a certain Intel Medfield-based Black Bay AZ510 smartphone got WiFi certification recently, as the reference model it is.


The WiFi Alliance has proof on the existence of this device, an Intel-made unit that used Medfield chips and it’s a mere tool to show the power of the hardware platform, if you ask me. Reference designs are usually created to  show other manufacturers what a certain piece of hardware can do… in this case the processor. Lenovo K800 was the talk of the town at CES, as the world’s first smartphone based on an Intel Medfield CPU and that’s only the beginning.

Intel must be very careful when tackling this new market, as it has fierce rivals, that have the experience and marketing behind them., not to mention a history of low power consumption and great performance. The consumption is what everyone is worried about when it comes to the Medfield solution…

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