Fresh out of the oven comes iOS 4, available right now for everyone via iTunes 9.2. iPhone 3GS owners can mess with multitasking now, folders, too and a home screen wallpaper, plus a couple of other new features. The update is available for older devices, but without some of the features present on newer handsets.


Also, there are a couple of apps that really benefit from multitasking, like Dropbox, Foursquare and Pandora. As we learn straight from Apple, iOS4 brings 1500 new APIs, among which there’s multitasking support and much more. Engadget already posted a list of interesting apps that are iOS4-ready.

They include a New York Times app, with fast app switching, so the user can jump back into an article with no need for reloads. Also, there’s Fandango to use, complete with fast app sync, so you can move on to other software, while buying movie tickets. Fandango and LinkedIn are on the list, as well as Tweetaholic, Windows Live Messenger and WordPress for iPhone.

Full list and lots of details over here.

[via Phone Dog and Engadget]

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