PadGadget Blog has the scoop on some App Store software that will be available on the iPad, starting April 3rd. It seems that the apps got listed on Apple’s site by mistake, but they’ve been removed by the Cupertino company immediately. Check out the full list of applications after the break, if you’re curious.


Some of these apps get the “HD” tag, differentiating them from the standard software designed for the iPhone and iPad. This isn’t the complete list, we think, but here it is anyway:

– Ammoin HD
– Azkend HD
– Flight Control HD
– Grind HD
– HD Recovery
– Labyrinth 2 HD
– NBA Hotshot HD
– Numba HD
– Plants vs. Zombie HD
– Sparkle HD
– Worms HD

No farting apps yet?! That’s strange…

[via BGR]

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