Qik’s developers have managed to do the impossible, enable video streaming on the Apple iPhone 3G! It’s all done via Qik, so now you can stream at will if you own an iPhone 3G and a decent data plan. The beta release has just been outed and you can expect updates soon enough, but check out the following lines for important tips:


When using Cydia, Qik’s app, you’ll start by signing up here and receiving a SMS afterwards. This allows you to activate the application and is followed by the launch of Cydia. Afterwards, you’ll have to go to the “Sections” tab (bottom) and scroll to the “Multimedia” option. There you’ll find Qik, which you’ll tap and select “Install” (top right) and then you’ll have to tap “Confirm”.

So, Qik gets installed and you’ll notice a “Qik” icon on your home screen, as the app is ready to be launched. Remember that as long as you keep the initial signup SMS in your inbox you’ll have your account linked to your handset. In the end, just make sure you’re using a 3G service (or WiFi) and start streaming!

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