With almost a year since it was launched, the iPhone 4 still had some mysteries for us, like the reason it sports a chip with an unrevealed purpose. Well, the chip was first found on the mainboard of the GSM iPhone 4 and then the same version appeared on the CDMA iPhone 4.


iFixit did the teardown and then got in touch with the folks of Chipworks, who decapped the chip and found that it’s a low power digital audio signal processor. This one is used by the iPhone for noise cancelling purposes and a test of the technology is shown in the video below. iFixit is claiming that this chip allows the iPhone 4 to surpass all other handsets that don’t use this technology, when it comes to noise cancelling.

Now, it remains to be seen if this chip also makes it to the iPhone 5 or the technology is switched with another one.

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