One of the most important improvements brought by the new iPhone is its Retina Display. The screen relies on a revolutionary technology, that allows it to achieve a very high resolution, of 960 x 640 pixels at 326 dpi. Said screen is a 3.5 inch widescreen multitouch unit, with 800:1 contrast ratio and a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating on the front and back.


The images shown in this article look exactly the way you’ll see them on the iPhone 4, without a single detail being lost. The innovative Retina Display is a backlit LCD based on IPS technology, a bit better than OLED, specially as far as color and contrast are concerned.

Apple’s team of engineers took things to a new level, when they developed very small pixels, that are only 78 micrometers across and can’t be distinguished by the human eye individually. This should provide great graphics on Apple’s new toy, but let’s see what Samsung has to say about it, with its competing products.

[via mobilecrunch]

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