The video below is a comparison made by the folks of Technobuffalo, who wanted to stage a duel between the iPhone 4 and Samsung Captivate, the AT&T version of Samsung Galaxy S. Both pack superb touchscreens, with the Apple handset relying on the IPS-based Retina Display, while the Samsung smartphone goes the Super AMOLED way.


The advantage of the Super AMOLED technology is better battery life and better visibility in direct sunlight, while Apple’s Retina Display provides a larger pixel count and a huge resolution: 960 x 640 pixels. Meanwhile, Captivate’s screen is only able to support a 480 x 800 pixel resolution. The advantage of the Samsung screen is clear – its brightness, while its drawback is the grey-ish hue that covers it.

The iPhone 4 shows a crisp image, specially when playing videos, but a little brightness would be more than welcome… Watch the full video to see the two displays competing in the web browsing section.

[via dailymobile]

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