Believe it or not the whole “Gizmodo checked out iPhone 4G” story got bigger and bigger, till it reached CNN, who did a story on this matter. We’re talking about the iPhone 4G prototype lost by an Apple employee in a bar. An anonymous source got hold of it and sold it to Gizmodo for $5000.

In the meantime, CNN mentions that Apple didn’t even bring up the existence of an iPhone 4G unit, so this discovery is even more important. All we know is that Steve Jobs will launch iPhone OS 4.0 this summer, but a June launch for the new iPhone is a safe bet. Back to Gizmodo, immediately after they got the lost prototype, they analyzed it, dissected it and put it through all sorts of tests.

The mystery source mentioned that the unit found in the bar was running iPhone OS 4.0, but then Apple killed it remotely, once it got word that it was lost. Now the police got word of the situation and the Silicon Valley authorities are investigating the entire story, since Apple reported the device as stolen.

What’s interesting is that this iPhone 4G prototype was cleverly disguised as a 3GS unit, thanks to a cool case. All in all, the last week’s been pretty busy for Apple and tech blogs who wanted a piece of the iPhone 4G pie. CNN is making a pretty good point, as they ask themselves if Apple leaked the handset on purpose or not.

[via CNN]

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