We’re guessing that you still remember the whole iPhone 4G prototype story, with the device being lost in a bar by an Apple employee named Gray Powell. What followed afterwards is simple: some dude found the phone, apparently tried to get in touch with Apple and somewhere along the way sold the prototype to Gizmodo, for $5000. This man is Brian J. Hogan and his picture can be seen below.


This is the person everyone was looking for, after the iPhone scandal reached the police and a Gizmodo editor’s computers were confiscated by the authorities, who searched for information. Brian J. Hogan is a 21 year old from Redwood City, California, who was sure that he didn’t do anything illegal, since he just sold the right to review the handset to Gizmodo.

Now, Hogan wishes he had done more to return the iPhone to Apple, but he’s also geared up for legal battle, using the services of legal representative Jeffrey Bornstein. The story goes like this: in the bar where the iPhone 4G was lost, Hogan was handed the device, being asked if it belonged to him or not. Next, he asked around at the bar and took the prototype home.

Apparently, the bartender there doesn’t remember seeing Hogan asking anyone about the phone and the next move was calling Apple Care, trying to return the unit. This task was handled by a friend of Hogan’s, who also contacted a couple of publications, in order to get paid for the new iPhone. At this moment, Hogan was merely contacted by the police and hasn’t been charged of anything, yet.

Also, Apple’s security team visited the man’s house, looking for the prototype handset, but Hogan’s roommate didn’t allow them to get in. Let’s see if Gizmodo also takes the fall for this one…

[via IntoMobile]

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