After the iPhone 4 antennagate scandal we seem to be very close to another media blowout about the iPhone 4S. This time the battery’s the culprit… You might be aware that the battery seems to be draining extremely fast on the new handset, sometimes in mere hours after a charge.


Luckily, Apple seems to be open about it it and even set up an area on its website where people can discuss their iPhone 4S issues. After all, a couple of millions of units were sold, right? Data from user tests points that the battery performance bug comes from a problem in iOS 5. This bug is from the “Setting Time Zone” function in the Location Services settings area.

Know that once you turn on the Setting Time Zone option on your iPhone 4S, the time on your handset will change automatically if you travel from one time zone to the other. Thus, the phone tries to ping server location servers to get the proper time and so it drains the battery quickly. The thing to do here is switch off the Setting Time Zone or wait for an update that fixes the bug… if Apple will offer it.

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