Yesterday’s announcement of the iPhone 4S was actually disappointing for people keen on high tech gear and those who love Apple. The majority of the web was outraged by the predictable new iPhone and lack of innovation from the Cupertino giant. As a result the stock of the company dropped 5%…


Investors also weren’t pleased, it seems, since they wanted a bit of LTE, NFC or HD to liven things up. One must note that the entire market was down 1.5% when Apple’s stock dropped, so that tiny percent isn’t a tragedy. I must mention that back when Apple announced the iPad, its stocks fell 2.5% and rebounded very soon after the slate was launched.

I expected that soon after the crazy lines in front of carrier stores (for cheaper iPhone 4 units or the iPhone 4S on Sprint), the stocks will go all the way up. Now let’s see what the iPad 3 is about, before judging that Apple is breaking down or something. Well, look at it on the bright side: the iPhone 5 will be REALLY innovative.

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