What happens every time a new version of iOS comes out? Various hackers and programmers dig through its code in search of new iPhone and iPad versions. This also happened to iOS 4.3, that was released in the beta 1 version just two days ago and of course hints regarding the iPad 2 and iPhone 5 were found.


We’re talking about mystery identifiers, like 4,1 and 4,2, that might stand for two next-gen iPhones, while the 2,1/2;2/2,3 should mean that a new iPad is coming two. The first two represent the GSM and CDMA iPhone, while the other identifiers might define the WiFi-only iPad 2.

In other news, BGR is claiming that both the new iPhone and iPad will give up their Home button, replacing it with a multi-finger gesture mechanism. Imagine using a 5 finger pinch instead of the home button. Not very comfy, right?

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