The usual inside sources have revealed that Apple is preparing to enter a new generation of connectivity with its products, by unveiling a 4G LTE iPad and iPhone next year. I’m talking about the iPad 3 and iPhone 5, that have been in the news before.


Nikkei Business reported this week that the iPad 3 with LTE is already prepared for launch on NTT DoCoMo, a popular Japanese carrier. It appears that the negotiations took place, with Apple CEO Tim Cook already visiting Japan for this purpose. The supposed launch will go down next summer and the LTE iPhone 5 will come in Fall 2012, if the leaked information is real.

NTT DoCoMo president Kiyoyuki Tsujimura and VP Takashi Yamada have reportedly met with Cook in November, working out the details of their deal for future products. The terms of agreement have been reached and all we need now is an unveiling, a leak, a render… something to appease us. Meanwhile, we still wonder if the next iPad will be the iPad 3 or the iPad 2 HD, or maybe the iPad mini.

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