Well, Samsung and Apple may have entered a new round of courtroom brawl, but they seem to need each other more than anyone thinks. There’s a fresh rumor going round saying that the iPhone 5 may actually feature a quad core CPU of Exynos origin. Last I heard, Apple A6 was the CPU of choice, with 4 cores and made by TSMC.


Now it appears that Samsung will produce the A6 and base it on a modified quad core Exynos 4 series chipset. That one is already running on the international Samsung Galaxy S III. So, this means that sooner or later there will be a 32nm HKMG ticker made for iPhone 5 in the Samsung factory in Texas. In other news, there’s something cooking at Qualcomm too, with a quad core CPU also coming from them, one demoed in the video below.

I’m talking about its quad core APQ8064A chipset, a true beast, that not only integrates multimode LTE radio, but is also built on the 28nm process. And to top that there’s also an Adreno 320 GPU in the mix, ready to provide graphics that would smash the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita easily, or so I should hope. Imagine this on board of the HTC One XXL, the rumored 5 inch Galaxy Note rival and you have a perfect idea why consoles are going bankrupt.

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