The cloned phones from Shenzhen have reached a new level: copying a device that’s not even out, based on rumors and inside info. The result is the pretty believable device below, an iPhone 5 clone that uses all the design features speculated and leaked recently.

This clone was discovered by the Chinese gadget blog GizChina and we have here a knockoff that reminds me of an iPhone 3GS, judging by that curved design. This model is incredibly similar to the ones leaked recently and also seems to fit inside one of those leaked cases. It also has an incredible profile, being a mere 7mm in thickness.

The sad thing is that iOS 5 hasn’t been cloned just yet, so this knockoff comes with a Java-based OS with MP3/MP4 playback. The device costs $108 and comes with WiFi, dual cameras with LED flash and supposedly 64GB memory, although I can’t guarantee that. This design is not bad at all and if the iPhone 5 looks like this, then I’m sold!


    Hey, it’s me again. I absolutely love these poor-man-Chinese-made-mock-gadgets. My newest acquisition is some IPhone 5C clone that’s… well, to begin with, it is hideously GREEN! And absofreakinglutely undistinguishable from the original – at first glance, at least – starting from the dimensions, identical to the real thing up to the hundredth-inch scale, the 7,9 mm thickness, the side Nano-chip drawer unlocked by paper clip and its “IOS-7-looking-user-interface” that looks and feels in-everything identical to the original, prone to deceive even the most engaged IOS addict… weren’t for a few features, system tweaks and settings in advanced menu options, which can not be turned either on or off. After all, we’re talking about some cross-dressed Android 4.4.2 Kitkat, sheltered under an IPhone wannabe hood. This jaw-droppingly realistic mockup mimicks the genuine one, down to petty detail, even the original IPhone ringtones and notification tones… and it even comes standard with an 8GB storage – not expandable – and a WVGA – REAL autofocus – back and EVGA focus-free front cameras, capable of delivering very decent shots, optionally interpolated up to 8 megapixels, for greater authenticity. The processor and GPU are fast, it probably is a quad-core. Nice battery life – some 3-day in standby, provided WiFi, BT and 3G carrier data are turned off – and quick charging time, a quarter short of four hours. Sources say, this clone has become real popular now, in… Japan (!) Again, it seems to me I paid little – the ammount equivalent to 30-something U.S. bucks – for this much I got. There’s nothing like the real thing, but this impersonator is not a bad deal at all, for there are even “official” branded – and more expensive – handset models in the marketplace, with lesser features than this one. Gets my 6,5 grade.