The scoop of the day goes to 9to5Mac certainly, especially after one of their tipsters sent them a picture showing an Apple employee playing with what looks like the iPhone 5. The employee was traveling on the way home from work in San Francisco.

It’s sad that the shot is blurry, but at least we have confirmation of the source’s authenticity, as 9to5Mac called the tipster on the phone to check the background. This is considered an iPhone 5 prototype, one that sports a bigger display, according to the guy who saw it. He mentions that the phone is “EVO-like” in size and seems thinner than the iPhone 4 and wider too.

The edges are metallic and wider, reminding of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, while the back is curved and made of glass or plastic. The tipster guesses that it may be glass after all and sadly he couldn’t glance at the Home button, in case that exists any more. Interestingly enough, the man with the phone tried to hide his gizmo as best he could, another hint at the smartphone’s identity.

Fake or real?

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