We’re starting to get tired of the avalanche of iPhone 5-related news lately, so we must say that this whole new leak matter from 9to5mac is to considered just another rumor. The site has been pushing quite a lot of rumors lately, so we don’t quite know which to believe. You’ll find out below what the iPhone 5 is supposed to look like (this is not an iPhone 5 pic, but an iPhone 4 with a metallic sticker at the back):


A source from Foxconn is quoted as the source of the prototype leak and here’s the main differences between the new Apple handsets and the iPhone 4: materials and screen size. The iPhone 5 keeps the size similar to its predecessor, but it adopts a curved metal back (with the metal being possibly aluminum or maybe Liquid Metal).

Also, the screen size is supposed to be 4 inches now, although this has yet to be confirmed. There are no pictures of the fully manufactured device to be shown and the 9to5mac is saying that they were only able to check out the iPhone 5’s charging cable photo. This accessory is not very different to the iPhone 4 one, once again, if this is real.

Back to the speculations, we expect the new Apple phone to pack an edge to edge screen, a dual core processor (A5 maybe) and an aluminum back. What do you expect from it?

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