Alibaba, the same online supplier that leaked iPad 2 cases before the tablet was announced, now leaks a bunch of cases for the iPad 5. These look like good hints towards the design of the next generation of Apple handsets. Well, believe it or not, the design seems to be same as the one of the iPhone 4.


In spite of speculations saying that the new iPhone will sport a redesign, the Alibaba cases say otherwise. They come with the same shape and size as the iPhone 4 ones and the same slots for SIM card, audio jack and sleep/wake button. These models could be designed for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, but we can only speculate right now.

Honestly, we prefer the version of the iPhone 5 with a new design, 4 inch edge to edge display and dual core CPU… rather than the same design and moderately upgraded specs.

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