The iPhone 5c is starting to look like Apple’s biggest failure in years, since it isn’t getting the anticipated adoption, neither in its homeland and nor in China. The device recently debuted through the local carrier China Mobile and while hope was great, the device is selling for quite a high price.



The 16 GB iPhone 5c is priced starting at $738, which is $200 more than in USA. Preorders of this model on China Mobile were far from impressive and this is becoming sort of a flop, especially since Apple has prepared a pretty big inventory of 5c models. They will probably lower the price and get rid of the stock, if they can…

The problem here is the lack of demand for the product and meanwhile the iPhone 5s is doing good, especially in China. The iPhone 5c is said to be phased out once the next gen iPhone will be released and I wonder if there will be an iPhone 6c in the end or not. Well, so much for lower end/midrange experiments from Apple…

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