According to the latest info coming from Japanese paper Nikkan, Apple has chosen Sharp to produce the following generation of LCD displays for its products. This seems to include an innovative and lighter screen for the supposed iPhone 6, that will be based on “low-temperature poly-silicon” technology.


The same source says that Sharp is already preparing the Kameyana Plant No. 1 for operations, in order to fulfill their part of the deal with Apple. This new p-Si LCD uses a TFT (thin film transistor) made of polycristalline silicon, resulting into a thinner LCD display. Aside from being thinner, the new screen would improve battery life and show more vivid images, thanks to a higher aperture ratio.

Rumors regarding this technology would leave the OLED alternative aside, a choice preferred by Samsung on the Galaxy S model right now. It is rumored that Apple is looking into OLED displays, but they haven’t been used till now.

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