Samsung Galaxy S II recently reached Slashgear’s HQ for a full review and the result was impressive. This dual core 1.2GHz unit was tested, analyzed and looked into, with the result being an almost perfect device, with no challenger right now, but a tough future ahead, with the iPhone 5 and HTC Sensation coming out in the following months.


Slashgear claims that the handset is not perfect, although it digs the Kies air app and the impressive battery life of the handset. However, there’s the downside of the TouchWiz UI, which is inferior to a clean Gingerbread experience, to be honest. The keyboard especially is disappointing, as well as the video maker app, that doesn’t handle the Galaxy S II 1080p footage, according to the reviewers.

On the good side of things, the Super AMOLED Plus display is very visible outdoors, while the dual core CPU breaks down all benchmark barriers with huge scores and provides a fluid and speedy experience to the user. There’s also the aspect of the price, with the Galaxy S II coming at around $826, in the 16GB unlocked version, at least in the UK.  With a decent contract, you will probably get the handset for free…

Last, if you’re wondering, the 1650 mAh battery lasted two full days, in spite of very active usage, which is incredible for a device with such a quality display, a camera capable of 1080p capture and a dual core CPU. More details can be found in the full review here and in the video review below:

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