A recent Research & Markets study confirms the fact that Apple’s popular handset increased the demand for mobile content and games, also opening the market for smaller companies.



The iPhone, Nokia’s N-Gage and Google Android are quoted as the main platforms for mobile gaming, right now and the ones to push the industry to new levels in 2009. This goes to show Jack Tretton, Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO that he was wrong in June when he claimed that the iPhone is just a phone and can’t match the success of the PSP.

Meanwhile, John Carmack, the Id Software guru has admitted that the iPhone is much more than a phone and we can add that it’s probably the most popular mobile gaming platform right now, aside from the PSP, maybe. Carmack also said that he plans on bringing all the Id Software classics to Apple’s phone,  including Quake 3 and Orcs & Elves.

[via tgdaily]

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