If you ever wanted to customize your iPhone and make it all shiny and nice, now’s your chance. There’s a video below showing how to customize the Apple logo on the handset so that it glows just like the one on the MacBook line of laptops. Be wary that if you do follow the tutorial, you’ll most likely damage something, unless you’re pretty skilled.

Also, I’m willing to bet that this voids the warranty of your phone, so that’s probably not a very good idea. In the meantime keep in mind that Apple refused to allow various case makers to launch cases with glowing logos on them, since that’s their idea. Maybe in the future we’ll see such gimmicks on the iPhones, but right now I can see there’s a slight component tweak that most likely involves letting some backlight reach the area of the logo on the back of the iPhone.

The logo will shine when the phone starts up and then remain on for about 15 seconds. What do you think? Will Apple such a stunt like… ever? They already have battery problems, so why risk even more of those?