In a couple of weeks the long awaited tech show CES 2012 will start, ushering in the age of quad core smartphones and tablets. That will also be the perfect time for Nokia to announce yet another newcomer in the Windows Phone segment: Nokia Lumia 900. The handset has just been leaked again, this time with an image that reached the folks of Wmpoweruser and it’s shown below:

If you think that this is the Lumia 800 guess again, since this is in fact the Nokia Lumia 900. People say that the next Lumia phone might in fact be called the Lumia 800 4G and it’s meant for launch on Verizon and AT&T. Paul Thurrot of SuperSite for Windows recently mentioned in his podcast that he saw an internal document pointing towards the announcement of a new Nokia phone by AT&T at CES 2012. Nokia Lumia 900 is expected to be a bigger Lumia 800 and it’s supposed to feature a 4.3 inch display with AMOLED technology, an 8 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss tech and 4G LTE connectivity.

This model will run Windows Phone Tango, if speculations are correct and we also could see a front videocall camera on it. We have no idea what Tango will bring to the table, other than what the rumors tell us: 4G LTE support and lower resolution screens for lower end devices. The latter bit sure sounds like Nokia is getting ready to replace those low end S40 models with Windows Phone units. If you wonder why the Finns chose to make a bigger Lumia 800, well why not go with the same design that has been successful the first two times?